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Let’s just accept from the start of this post that you are going to end up extremely jealous of me. And that’s okay. Because under the circumstances you really ought to be. Yesterday was a far above average day in the life of me. And because of that you won’t be able to help but envy my existence.

Last night I had the great pleasure of seeing the artist known as Weird Al Yankovic live in concert at the Orange County Fair on the fair’s very last day. And the show was incredible. Weird Al rocked out for two full hours playing one silly parody song after another. There was a medley of songs that lasted nearly 15 minutes and the artist’s high kicks throughout the show punctuated some moments that words and music weren’t enough to express.

Throughout the show video vignettes played showing the many references to Weird Al in popular culture over two decades. These were mixed with gag interview pieces and short movies created by the artist, all to serve as a way to pass the time during wardrobe changes - about eight of them.

The best of the bunch was the faux trailer* for WEIRD a Weird Al biopic which you can watch here. I love when Hollywood stars act like real people with a sense of humor and get involved with funny videos like this one. The cast is terrific, the tone is hilarious and watching it in a crowd full of rabid Al fans in their concert t-shirt uniform was memorable. I know the Weird Al fans in my blog audience will get a kick out of it!

Photos of the show as well as images of me enjoying my first time at a fair (shocked? remember, I’m a city girl) are coming soon. The day was more educational, tasty, thrilling and weird than I could have imagined with Weird Al as icing on the deep-fried cake.

*Side note, this video was made for the Funny or Die comedy website and has been around for a while. I am not sharing something that’s exclusive or brand new. You probably should know by now not to expect that type of thing from me. If you come up and ask me if I’ve seen “the video that’s going around” I can almost guarantee I will have no clue what you’re referring to. Nobody ever sends me “the video” and if it does make its way to me it’ll inevitably be on a day when I’m super busy and it just gets deleted. I can usually go home and ask Jeremy about it. As far as I can tell that’s (part of) what husbands are for. On the rare occasion when I have seen “the” video I will naturally assume that if I’ve seen it the entire rest of the world has too so don’t be surprised when I ask if you’ve seen “the” video. So now you know. And knowing is half the battle.

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