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The Met Ball - 2011 Recap

I’m far from fashionable, but I sure do enjoy looking at beautiful celebrity women rocking the shit out of a fabulous ensemble. Naturally even the richest women with the most impeccable bodies and in-the-know stylists with the best connections to fashion designers can’t always look amazing. Even a massive behind-the-scenes team of make-up artists, hair stylists and jewelry experts can’t ensure an outfit will come together as planned. And nobody really knows how the final result will go over with critics. Critics from professional judges on television shows which rehash major red carpet events, critics on well-read blogs and the critic in me.


I usually don’t know why I love one look but hate another. That’s why I enjoy reading write-ups from articulate critics who can break down an outfit, explaining what element was off, why the balance of elements worked, what dress was hopelessly out of date or the entire look was too ‘outside the box’. I silently wonder what I’d look like in some outfits and in the same thought bubble am so grateful my world doesn’t include the pressure of red carpet appearances.


There is one event that seems so much more special than the rest - The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala. Sure, it is attended by the very most fashionable people in the world (overstatement? perhaps, perhaps not) and there’s a ton of expectation surrounding the wardrobe selections, but from what I gather it is the only event where you’re encouraged and applauded for dressing like Lady Gaga would on a casual day. The more interesting, unique, couture and daring the outfit, the better. You want to be talked about. You want to be noticed - amongst a sea of other LOOK AT ME, noteworthy dresses.


At last year’s Met Ball the winner of the evening, for me, was Christina Ricci. She is a tiny woman who isn’t an A-List star but she commanded attention and admiration in the beautiful dress she wore. Sure, other women like Iman, Michelle Williams and Florence Welch were phenoms too (see above photos for proof) but Christina wowed on a whole other level. There’s no doubt some critics hated this dress but for my money it was a big winner. This dress which wouldn’t make it out on the town in almost any other instance, was appreciated for its brilliant design and unique vision. I can’t wait to see what everyone will be wearing tonight to the 2012 Met Ball!


*All photos pulled from Tom & Lorenzo blog with original sources listed as Getty Images and WireImage.

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