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In high school I wrote a term paper on The Great Gatsby. I thought I knew that book inside and out. Apparently what I read differs greatly from the cinematic version Baz Luhrmann has in his head. At first I was taken aback at the idea of anything but a strict interpretation of the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel but after watching this trailer a few times I wanted to be drawn into the world Luhrmann is creating which is ritzier than the Gatsby my teenaged self imagined while pulling thematic connection from the text.

I love Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge! for their fantastical, shiny takes on stories the public already thinks about and experiences in one way. I applaud his efforts to expand our minds and travel with him to see where his vision can take an audience. I really want to love this version of Gatsby and look forward to seeing it this holiday season - though probably not in RealD.

In case you were digging it, the song in the trailer is Jack White covering U2’s Love is Blindness. LOVE.

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