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Euro Trip! - Part 2

A few notes:

- Buying stamps at the Parisian post office was not as thrilling as I imagined it would be. I’m not sure that 20g is, but I hope it gets my postcards to the US … eventually… .

- The most interesting things spotted on today’s morning run was a restaurant where toasters and tongs were on each table including the tables out front on the sidewalk. 

- Benadryl, well, the active ingredient in Benadryl, is not a ‘thing’ in France. So my face skin rash continues to plague me. The pharmacist was really nice though, he wanted to help. Here’s hoping lotion and Instagram filters continue to help me manage this major disappointment of an otherwise great adventure.

- Fulvio Italian Restaurant is as amazing as Flannery said it would be. The owner Fulvio has been running the place for one year shy of my entire life span. The foie gras tortellini with dark mushrooms was brilliant. We were both so glad we made the trek to eat there.

- Moulin Rouge is disappointing. In general it is underwhelming. I expected it to be a more commanding presence on a corner in a far less seedy neighborhood. On the upside, I did not expect to see mini-ponies enter the venue from the front, but I did. I wonder what role they play in the show exactly … .

- The sculpture which captivated me many years ago in the Musee Rodin was not on display, so I wasn’t able to show it to Jeremy in person. This meant he had the chance to decide which piece he liked best without my influence, and I had an opportunity to pick a new favorite piece - which is essentially a zombie hand coming up out of a tomb. So badass. 

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In high school I wrote a term paper on The Great Gatsby. I thought I knew that book inside and out. Apparently what I read differs greatly from the cinematic version Baz Luhrmann has in his head. At first I was taken aback at the idea of anything but a strict interpretation of the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel but after watching this trailer a few times I wanted to be drawn into the world Luhrmann is creating which is ritzier than the Gatsby my teenaged self imagined while pulling thematic connection from the text.

I love Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge! for their fantastical, shiny takes on stories the public already thinks about and experiences in one way. I applaud his efforts to expand our minds and travel with him to see where his vision can take an audience. I really want to love this version of Gatsby and look forward to seeing it this holiday season - though probably not in RealD.

In case you were digging it, the song in the trailer is Jack White covering U2’s Love is Blindness. LOVE.

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