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Make Your Own Succulent Garden!

One of my birthday gifts to Jeremy was the opportunity to make his very own succulent garden. He’s been talking about making one for some time but that’s easier said than done when the location where you find the perfect pot doesn’t have succulents, and the place that has succulents doesn’t carry small bags of soil, and then you have to find a third place to get the right soil in a reasonable size for storage in an apartment.

I scoured the Internet sure that in a city as big as Los Angeles there must be a one-stop-shop venue for succulent garden creation. And if there wasn’t, well, I could consider that as a future endeavor to fill the huge succulent garden making hole in the economy and bring up those dismal unemployment numbers.

Thankfully there is already a place where those who want to make succulent gardens can (!!!) and it’s called Potted in lovely Los Feliz literally two doors down from the bar where I held my 22nd birthday shindig.

They have it all - pots of every size, shape and color, a wide variety of succulents (no other plants, just succulents) and a Potting Bar where you can play with dirt, different colored pebbles, stones and cut glass to pretty up your creation. Potted has mastered the one-stop-shop when it comes to succulent gardens so there’s no need for me to fill that niche. (PHEW!)

Jeremy dove in and really enjoyed the process of picking out the five best succulents, exactly the perfect colored pebbles and arranging everything to his specifications. It just so happened that everything was on sale for Father’s Day which was a nice bonus to an already perfect birthday outing.

If you buy the pot and plants at Potted you don’t even have to pay for the Potting Bar stuff like the dirt, pebbles or room to make a mess. You can make a mess and just walk away - at no cost. How did I not know about this place sooner?! No more storing bags of dirt under my sink.

Jeremy claims this is the first time he has ever created a succulent garden but he really seemed like a pro with all of the items at his disposal. He must be a natural, like he is with so many other things in life.

                            Happy birthday my darling!

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