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Diana’s Best of the 2012 Met Ball!


Carey Mulligan, newlywed and co-chair of the evening, shut it down in this sparkly Prada number. I’m not usual a fan of shine and shimmer in a dress but this is certainly worth making an exception for. Also, the Met Ball is such a formal affair that most women opt for a full length gown and those who do not have to select something really amazing to compete with others wearing 50% more dress. In all respects Carey pulled it off!


Cate Blanchett can always be relied upon for a polished red carpet look. She’s willing to take chances in her day-to-day wardrobe (which for her means film premieres, photo shoots, interviews, etc) so she has to go the extra mile to really amp it up for an event like this. Covering everything in feathers could be a horrible road to travel but she’s rockin’ it, while looking unbelievably relaxed.


This dress is just too bizarre. Elizabeth Banks is amazing for having worn it - and so well considering how unusual it is. Was this a leftover from her wardrobe as Effie in The Hunger Games? She got my attention and gave life to a dress that would never see a traditional red carpet. Kudos risk taker!


I’m a sucker for all things purple so when I originally got stuck on this dress Diane Kruger wore I felt my color bias was kicking in. But later in the day I kept thinking about it and had to select it as one of my favorites. The necklace and hairstyle work so perfectly with the dress too!


I want to wear this Elie Saab dress and have that body. Basically I want to be Katharine McPhee on the red carpet at the Met Ball. Period.

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