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Today’s Sunday Cake Day is a double shot! And what makes it even more special - this is actual cake that I tasted with my own mouth, made by a very talented pastry chef friend of mine: Sarah Bearclaw. 

That name should ring a bell since I’ve mentioned her here before … many times. At long last I made it over to The Hart & The Hunter where Sarah has been the in-house pastry chef for nearly a year. How time flies! Her Lemon Icebox Pie has become a staple at the restaurant and more than a couple of times I’ve been reading online or magazine reviews of the restaurant which specifically call it out. Today I got to try it. 

I admit I’m not much of a lemon person and wasn’t sure what all the fuss could be about, but on a HOT day in LA this was the perfect cool mid-day treat. The graham cracker crust helps balance the tartness of the light lemon pie. The layer of whipped topping is perfectly bruleed on each side as well as the top, after being chilled to perfection. The light-weight fluff on top also helps balance the tart lemon filling so I found myself devouring a dessert that I probably wouldn’t have thought to order on menu. 

That of course is because I would always opt for carrot cake over any other dessert when given the chance to choose (let’s call it 9 times out of 10). This time I got both! Sarah has made me multiple carrot cakes for special occasions and gets rave reviews every time. This was no exception and she found new ways to make this particular carrot cake unique from the others. I have to say ultimately my favorite she ever made was the birthday cake with golden raisins and a graham cracker dusting on top. Keep in mind of course that all carrot cakes by Sarah Bearclaw are spectacular - it’s like giving out a second gold medal to one when they are all winners. 

My entire experience at The Hart & The Hunter was wonderful, welcoming, delicious and fun. The mix and matched plates, Wes Anderson-style artwork and chic location in the luxury boutique Palihotel were less intimidating than I thought they might be - some places in LA are just too cool for me it turns out. Thankfully H&H is accessible, relaxing and (most importantly) delicious. I can’t wait to go back for dinner sometime to try more of the savory dishes, and of course see what Sarah has whipped up that day for dessert. 

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A Tale of Mushrooms and Fish Balls

I have wisely surrounded myself with friends who love to eat and/or cook food. Sometimes this makes me lazy because I can look at an amazing local chef in LA to expand my palate, and other times it is a friend who supports my better-you-than-me approach to cooking. In the case of my friend Sarah I’ve been spoiled by her talents primarily as a baker, but now also as a Japanese soup-making star.

Recently Sarah - aka Sarah the Bear as she’s named herself on her detailed, inventive, thoughtful, humorous cooking blog - invited my husband and me over mushroom and fish balls in broth. This is also known more eloquently as Mushroom Nabe with Salmon Tsumire. This authentic Japanese name for the dish cooked table-side does it greater justice as the delicious meal it is.


Taught by her Japanese cooking mentor (how cool is that?!) Sonoko Sakai, Sarah learned how to mix broth, onions, a variety of hearty mushrooms and handmade salmon fish balls into a bubbling soup that’s fragrant and filling. Cooked in an earthenware bowl over a camping stove the dinner had a rustic feel but with all of Sarah’s newly acquired wedding gifts the table was set beautifully with woven placemats set with chopsticks and stone bowls for the main course. 


It was a meal to remember - because I don’t plan to make it myself anytime soon. I’ll savor the memory of these unique, homemade meal created by a talented chef I luckily call my friend.


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