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In high school I wrote a term paper on The Great Gatsby. I thought I knew that book inside and out. Apparently what I read differs greatly from the cinematic version Baz Luhrmann has in his head. At first I was taken aback at the idea of anything but a strict interpretation of the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel but after watching this trailer a few times I wanted to be drawn into the world Luhrmann is creating which is ritzier than the Gatsby my teenaged self imagined while pulling thematic connection from the text.

I love Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge! for their fantastical, shiny takes on stories the public already thinks about and experiences in one way. I applaud his efforts to expand our minds and travel with him to see where his vision can take an audience. I really want to love this version of Gatsby and look forward to seeing it this holiday season - though probably not in RealD.

In case you were digging it, the song in the trailer is Jack White covering U2’s Love is Blindness. LOVE.

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On Friday night we had the pleasure attending a pre-screening of Clint Eastwood’s latest directorial effort J. Edgar with a post-screening Q&A with producers Brian Grazer and Robert Lorenz. Here are a few thoughts about this bio-pic which exposes the world of Hoover, Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation:

1) Armie Hammer should earn a Best Supporting Actor Oscar Nomination, at the very least, for his portrayal of Clyde Tolson. He was really good as the Winklevoss twins. He is the heart of J. Edgar.

2) I’m proud of Clint for permitting the DP move the camera. He must not have allowed that in Gran Torino which made for a static, dull film. Not every movie needs to be The Matrix, but movement is good.

3) I was surprised to learn Oscar winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black wrote J. Edgar. I knew Hoover was rumored to have worn dresses, but that doesn’t mean someone known for his excellent portrayals of homosexuals is the man for this job. Well, it turns out there is a LOT more to Hoover than I ever could have imagined. Black does an impressive job of jumping around in time while keeping the audience clear on what’s happening in what order both personally and professional in Hoover’s world. My hat is off to the writer for grounding all scenes in historical fact and treating a complicated, secretive man in a thoughtful manner.

4) Brian Grazer’s hair is as crazy in person as you hope it will be.

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