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It is just me, or have you noticed that your neighborhood is getting a bit, well, creepy lately? It seems like every street I drive down has at least one house covered in cobwebs. When I walk into stores glowing skulls cackle at me. And there are spooky carved pumpkins all around. It must be Halloween time!

Living in Los Angeles people are constantly dressing up and pretending to be someone else so that’s no the big draw of the holiday here, at least not for me. I’m all about the treats, not the tricks. And this year I’m thinking of baking a nice big batch of treats for my office mates. But what decorations will I use?!

I recently popped over to the Fancy Flour website where they have a plethora of holiday themed cupcake liners and decorations - and not just for Halloween. I could be baking special cupcakes year-round if my sugar levels could survive it. But for now let’s focus on inspiration for October 31st. Of the below cupcake decorations which would you be most excited to see on your dessert plate?


           Spiderweb Cupcake Covers            Pumpkin Cupcake Covers


      Spooky Ghost Cupcake Covers     Skull and Crossbones Cupcake Covers


                         Dancing Skeleton Cupcake Toppers

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I Want Candy!

My parents did a wonderful job raising four kids with healthy eating habits and an understanding of why you eat fruits and vegetables instead of binging on sweets and soda. Regardless I developed a serious sweet tooth in my mid-twenties. This sweet tooth has led me to many indescribably delicious desserts over the years from sensational macarons to killer carrot cake but …

… in preparation for my upcoming nuptials I’ve removed sweets from my diet in an effort to slim down and tone up. It is working, but not without the feeling of (overly dramatic) sacrifice every time I turn down a tasty treat that comes my way. Thankfully oggling candy is a no-calorie activity I partake in occasionally to get a fix.


When an advertisement for Dylan’s Candy Bar appeared in my email I drooled over the bright, inviting images of their terrific selection of rich, sour and sweet candies. I once went to their New York City location where you can stand amidst the endless combinations of treats, then pick the perfect bag of them to take home with you. It is a mall candy shoppe on steroid. Very sugary steroids. If you are in Manhattan I recommend a visit, but if not consider instead the mail order Dylan’s 6-Month Candy Club. The ideal gift for anyone with a sweet tooth; you can select chocolate only or gummie/chewy/sticky treats to send someone special every month. Nothing says “I Love You!” or “Good Job!” like a can of candy every 30 days. I know it’s a gift I would appreciate - after September 24th.


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